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World Boss


This kraken living in the deep sea where no human has ever reached was a legend among sailors. Everything about it - age, ecology, etc. - was unknown ,and there were several sightings of it in the middle of the sea, but it was almost never sighted in human territory...until now. Recently, Zaratan has been showing up along various trade routes around the continent, attacking and sinking every ship it sees. The Merchant Association changed its routes multiple times to avoid this monster, but it ended up having its vessels attacked and sank by this sea devil every time. In the end, the Association decided to use the shortest route and started recruiting Mercenary armies to escort its vessels.


Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 15000 Crit Rate 0%
HP - Crit DMG 0%
DEF 75% AGI 100%


Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect



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