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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Syringe
Rarity 4
Voice Actor Madoka Asahina
Release Date February 6, 2020


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 22 years old
Height 5'4
Description A medic and interrogator for the Rian Task Force 'Black Rose'. Lulu's guardian who enjoys messing around with the crybaby Lulu. She makes Lulu cry a lot, but it seems like she is concerned about Lulu's well-being during the times of danger. She's not scared of seeing blood, in fact, she enjoys it. Oh, also the sound of screaming patients when giving them shots. Amputation surgeries are one of her strongest points. She doesn't hesitate to saw off rotting limbs from wounded patients, which got her the nickname 'Bloody Yevna'. She believes rotting trees and limbs should be sawed off, the sooner the better. She believes that the garbage that threatens the well-being of Republic should also be 'amputated' as it is one of the missions given to the Rian Task Force. When the night comes and the patients are taken care of, she is given another mission. Interrogate the captured enemies and get information. She is researching drugs that will make the captives "speak what's on their mind with ease\". However, she tries not to show this to Lulu. It seems like she doesn't want Lulu to hate her.
  • "Rotten trees and rotten legs must be sawed off to keep the rest of the body alive!"
  • "Ohohoho, the career that's always filled with blood. That's the destiny of being a nurse. Hand me that saw, will you?"
  • "One of these and you'll end up spilling everything, so why don't you just tell us all of the information before I use it?"