World Boss

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World Boss is a raid mode where all players fight powerful bosses which is unlocked after clearing Campaign Chapter 15-10 (Normal) and can be challenged twice per day. There are currently six World Bosses who rotate daily.


The goal for the World Boss game mode is to attempt to earn as many points as possible. Total points are the combination of Basic Points and Earned Points, and the way they are earned varies depending on the World Boss mode. There are currently two World Boss modes: Hunting and Transportation.

World Boss Mode Basic Points Earned Points
Hunting Determined by the deployed Mercenaries' ATK, Crit Rate and Crit DMG Total amount of damage that inflicted on the World Boss
Transportation Determined by the deployed Mercenaries' HP, DEF and AGI Total amount of HP deployed Mercenaries have left after battle

General Tips

  • As all bosses posses AGI at 100%, the duration of any applied skills effect over time or damage over time will be halved.
    For example: burn DMG for 10 turns will only be in effect for 5 turns.
  • Make use of the World Boss Training Center to test new formation and tweak accordingly to maximize score.

List of World Bosses

Boss Raid Mode Skill
Ogdoad Hunting Giant Rock
Zaratan Transport Tentacle Bash
Arcstar Hunting Plasma
Terion Transport Monster Rage
Dagdarone Hunting Ancient Thunder
Gorgona Transport Cursed Stare