Underground Arena

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Vesti's Introduction

"The Underground Arena is a place where you can distinguish the best through Online PVP. I'l look forward to your good grades here, too.

"At the Underground Area, you fight with registered Mercenaries through online PVP. When you battle begins, players alternately deploy their mercenaries in a draft form. Battle begins once they are all deployed."

"In order to participate in the Underground Arena, you need the list of participating Mercenaries. You can register the participating Mercenaries by touching the 'Candidate Register' button. A minimum of nine Mercenaries is required for entry. Also, if you register only supporters, you are out. Registration of Mercenaries is also part of your strategy, so think well!"

"Players alternately deploy their Mercenaries in a draft form, and the deploy order will be the attacking order. Therefore, not only the location of deployment, but also the order is very important. Who is going to attack first will be randomly decided. The strategy can vary depending on who is going to attack first. Those who attack first have the advantage of starting their strategy first. Those who attack later can make the last counter depending on the last enemy."

"The battle itself is carried out in the same way with the Arena, so it won't be that hard. But, if you go into battle with nothing deployed or with only supporters, you lose."


"From here you can replay other Mercenary Army's former Underground Arena battles. You can see the battle in three groups: High Rank Group, Middle Rank Group, Low Rank Group. The High Rank Group includes players above 2000 points, the Middle Rank Group includes players between 1400 to 2000 points, and the Low Rank Group includes players between 1000 and 1400 points. Every time when the season is over, new battles will be recorded, so check them out often!"