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World Boss
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Behemoth, known as the nightmare of the desert, is not very intelligent. But for Terion, his many years of battle experience have him stronger. He attacks opponents with quick but powerful sudden attacks that gets them off guard. He also possesses high levels resilience that transcends common sense, and even professional hunters are reluctant to face him. The recruit crustal changes have created a path across Terion's area, and due to the shortened time, some merchants risked their lives trying to pass Terion's territory, but nobody returned. In the end, the Merchant Founders once again began recruiting Mercenaries to escort trade merchants.

Stats[edit source]

Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 5000 Crit Rate 0%
HP - Crit DMG %
DEF 75% AGI 100%

Skill[edit source]

Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect



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