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It also DMGs mercenary who attacks the mercenary having Death Infliction, Seir is the only mercenary having such skill currently.


Death Infliction: Deals DMG in 35% of the target's max hp when Death Infliction was expired or removed. Deal DMG of target's 75% Max Health when Seir dies. Death Innflictio is applied to anyone who attacks Seir. Death Infliction Applies for 24 turns before being expired.


These states are only applied when Seir is at 10+ max skill upgrade. If one want further information, download BrownDust for free and look at it from books-Defenders-Seir-Skill-Preview. Preview would show the results of all skill upgrades.

Sub Skill

Curse: Decreases target's states by 50%. Hp is not included.

DEF boost: Increases defence by 65% for 8 turns when an enemy with Death Infliction dies.