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Soul Gear are mercenary-specific equips which boost specific stats. All mercenaries (excluding special and Silver rarity mercenaries) have 3 pieces of exclusive Soul Gear starting at 0.5%.

Additionally, if all of a mercenary's three Soul Gears are raised to Level 10, that mercenary unlocks the +10 skill level.

Type Warrior / Defender / Magician Stat Boost Supporter Stat Boost
Weapon ATK AGI
Armor HP HP
Amulet ATK and HP AGI and HP

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Soul Gear can be obtained through

  • Co-op Raid rewards
  • Using Gold or Soul Pieces and summoning with them from the Soul Gear Shop.

Level-up[edit | edit source]

Soul Gear can be levelled up by using other Soul Gear as materials. The amount of EXP required is dependent on the base Star Rank of the mercenary that Soul Gear belongs to.

Star Rank Soul Gear EXP Required
3★ 7,000
4★ 13,000
5★ 25,000

The amount of EXP and item can give is also dependent on the mercenary's base Star Rank of that Soul Gear. Soul Gear belonging to the same Mercenary receive a 3x Bonus in the amount of EXP they give.

Star Rank Soul Gear EXP Given Same Mercenary Bonus EXP
3★ 50 150
4★ 100 350
5★ 250 750

Soul Gear Shop[edit | edit source]

See also: Soul Gear Shop

The Soul Gear Shop is where Soul Gear can be summoned. There are two summon options: Legend and Normal.

Legend Soul Gear can be summoned with Ancient Coins, while Normal Soul Gear can be summoned with either Soul Shards or Gold. Normal Soul Gear can be summoned in groups of 11 for the cost of 10. After summoning 11, the next 11 will be 10% off for the next 15 minutes. This discount does not stack. The duration is refreshed with each purchase. Normal Soul Gear summoned with gold will not discount Soul Shard price and vice versa.