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The Shop is comprised of several smaller shops which can be used to recruit new characters, buy currency and materials, character costumes, and other items.

Recruit[edit | edit source]

Chance-up[edit | edit source]

See also: Chance-up Banners

The Chance-up recruit option features banners which have increased rates for rare units and are typically run for a limited amount of time. The purchase options are:

Description Bonus Cost Additional Notes
Recruit 10 Mercenaries (3★-5★) 100 Mileage, Bonus+1 Diamonds x600 -
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★) 10 Mileage Diamonds x60 -
Recruit 10 Mercenaries (3★-5★) - Premium Scroll x10 -
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★) - Premium Scroll x1 Free Chances Daily

Legend[edit | edit source]

This is where Legendary mercenaries can be exclusively recruited using Diamonds, Legend Scrolls, and Ancient Coins. The purchase options are:

Description Bonus Cost Additional Notes
Mercenary x10 (Chance - 3★-5★) 150 Mileage Diamonds x900 -
Mercenary x10 (Chance - 3★-5★) - Legend Scroll x10 -
Mercenary x1 (Select Dominus Octo) - Ancient Coins x1,500

Dominus Octo Characters

Mercenary x1 (Select Six Devil) - Ancient Coins x1,500

Six Devil Characters

Mileage[edit | edit source]

Mileage is earned from other recruit options and can be used to have a chance at recruiting certain rarity mercenaries or used to purchase a selection ticket. There are also Mileage-exclusive characters; however, these characters are only available from the chance Mileage recruit (not the Mileage selection ticket).

The Mileage-exclusive characters are:

The purchase options are:

Description Cost Limit
Mercenary (5★ Selection Ticket) Mileage x4,000 4/month
Mercenary (4★ Selection Ticket) Mileage x1,000 4/month
Mercenary x1 (Chance 5★) Mileage x4,000 -
Mercenary x1 (Chance 4★) Mileage x1,000 -
Mercenary x1 (Chance 3★) Mileage x100 -

Friendship[edit | edit source]

Mercenaries can be recruited here by using Friendship Badges. The purchase options are:

Description Cost
Mercenary x1 (Chance - 3★-4★) Friendship Badge x450
Mercenary x1 (Chance - 2★-4★) Friendship Badge x410
Mercenary x10 (Chance - 1★-3★) Friendship Badge x100
Mercenary x1 (Chance - 1★-3★) Friendship Badge x10

Class[edit | edit source]

This recruit option allows players to summon 3★-5★ mercenaries of a specific class using class scrolls excluding Carlson, Rigenette, Beatricé, and Maria. The purchase options are:

Description Cost
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★ Supporter) Supporter Scroll x1
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★ Magician) Magician Scroll x1
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★ Defender) Defender Scroll x1
Mercenary x1 (3★-5★ Warrior) Warrior Scroll x1

Normal[edit | edit source]

Use Normal Scrolls to recruit 1★-3★ mercenaries.

Description Cost
Mercenary x10 (1★-3★) Normal Scroll x10
Mercenary x1 (1★-3★) Normal Scroll x1

Soul Gear Shop[edit | edit source]

This shop can summon Soul Gear by using Gold, Soul Pieces, or Ancient Coins (for Legendary Soul Gear).

Legend[edit | edit source]

Legendary Soul Gear can be selected by using Ancient Coins. The pricing is:

Weapon Armor Amulet
Ancient Coin x450 Ancient Coin x450 Ancient Coin x600

Normal[edit | edit source]

Normal Soul Gear can be summoned using Gold or Soul Pieces. The summon pricing options are:

Description Bonus Cost
Soul Gear Summon x10 Bonus +1 Gold x400,000
Soul Gear Summon x1 - Gold x400,000
Soul Gear Summon x10 Bonus +1 Soul Piece x3,000
Soul Gear Summon x1 - Soul Piece x300

Costume Shop[edit | edit source]

See also: Costumes

Mercenary costumes can be purchased here as single items using Diamonds. Players can also view which costumes they own here as well.

Costume packages are sold separately outside the Costume Shop.

Recommended Shop[edit | edit source]

Various in-game recommended packages are displayed in this shop including:

Package Name Contents Cost Limit
For New Captains First Lifetime Package
Newbies Package
Level Up Supporting Gift & Package
Monthly Plan Package

Diamond Shop[edit | edit source]

Normal Shop[edit | edit source]

Honor Shop[edit | edit source]

As of March 30, 2020:

Package Name Contents Cost Limit
Owen's honor 2500 honor points, 1000 horseshoes 700 diamonds 1/week
Legend companion gift selection ticket 50 legend gifts 5000 honor 10/month
Legend skill book <- 800 Ancient coins 2/mo
5 star skill book <- 12000 honor 1/wk
4 star skill book <- 4000 honor 1/wk
3 star skill book <- 200 honor 2/wk
1 class scroll warrior/defender/magician/supporter scroll 250 honor 3/wk

Trading post (mystic island)[edit | edit source]

the 4* skill book pieces costs variable amount. The 4* skill book (equivalent to 625 pieces) costs 25 000 dust (ignoring the 10 000 gold piece combine cost) which is 40 dust / 1 piece. For the 4* skill book pieces to be worthwhile it has to cost less than that. The cheapest 4* skill book piece price i've seen is 48 dust / 1 piece.

The first 2 items in the trading post seem to change daily.

Package Name Contents Cost Limit
4 star gift selection ticket x45 5600 dust 1/day
5 star skill book
5 star skill book piece

Guild Shop[edit | edit source]

Players can buy stuffs in Guild Shop by using Guild Badges. Guild Badges can be earned by participating in the Guild War and also from the outcome of the Guild War Battles (win/draw/lose).

Package Name Contents Cost Limit
5* Skill Book Piece 100 3000 1/week
6* Legend Rune Bead 1 1200 1/week
Upgrade Potion 1 240 5/week
5* Companion Gift 50 1000 1/week
4* Rank-up star 1 480 2/week
Blue Slime Girl 2 240 5/week