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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Ghenar's Special Candy
Rarity 5
Voice Actor Yuko Ono
Release Date October 18, 2019


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 37 years old
Height 4'4"
Description Ding, ding, ding. A little girl plays over dead bodies. Larkis arrived rather late at the battlefield and took his caution as he approached her. Looking at her closely, she was covered by blood yet not wounded at all. As Larkis frowned, she grabbed his collar with her tiny hands. That innocent little girl looking up Larkis as if she was the purest one. Then Larkis realized that she had the same destiny as his. Larkis offered his hand and the little girl, Shiela, held it. That was where it all began.
  • "I didn't ask to be born like this! This power, you want to take it?"
  • "You aren't afraid of me, are you? I'm Shiela."
  • "Fool nobles. I killed them all."