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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Small Dice
Rarity 4
Voice Actor
Release Date November 28, 2019


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 27 years old
Height 5'5"
Description Sharma was born with beauty, eloquence, and extraordinary sword manoeuvre technique. With those, she was the queen among gamblers. Yet, everything was too easy and boring. Her skills were acknowledged and she became a dealer in arena where she got interested in Eizen whom she couldn't control as she pleased. And finally, when she saw Eizen flee after killing his master, she felt the thrill of life and realized Eizen was the very bet that could change her ever-the-same life. Sharma searched for Eizen for days, and ended up joining the 'Black Scorpion'. Between life and death, every single day was like gambling. That thrill and nerve. Exactly what she was looking for.
  • "Remember. I do not engage in a losing fight."
  • "I am mean? Such a dirty excuse for a loser."
  • "Things like this, you just pretend you saw nothing, Eizen! You are such a dry man."