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Runes are items which can be equipped by Mercenaries to boost stats. Runes are classified by their:

  • Type
  • Star Rank
  • Grades

How to Obtain

Runes can mainly be obtained through Rune Temple. While Rune Temple does drop Runes (rarely), the most abundant resource that Rune Temple drops are Rune Pieces.

Rune Pieces, after obtaining a set amount, can then be used to summon the respective Rune with a random grade. The amount of Rune Pieces required is dependent on the star rank of the Rune.

Star Rank Rune Pieces Required
6★ 250
5★ 200
4★ 125
3★ 60
2★ 30
1★ 20

Runes and Rune Pieces can also be acquired through:


There are currently five different types of runes, each boosting different stats. These types are:

Icons Type Stat Boost
Assault ATK (Flat or %)
Vital HP (Flat or %)
Shield DEF (%)
Fatal Crit Rate (%)
Rage Crit DMG (%)

Star Ranks

Runes, similar to mercenaries, can have star ranks between 1★ to 6★. Mercenaries can only equip runes which are the same star rank or lower than their own star rank.


Runes can also be classified by their grade. The stronger the grade, the more powerful the stat boost.

The current grades are from lowest to highest:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Rare+
  • Epic
  • Epic+
  • Legendary
  • Legendary+

+ Grades

+ Rune Grades such as Rare+, Epic+, or Legendary+ runes will have a bonus option which boosts additional stats. Bonus stats include:

  • ATK (Flat or %)
  • HP (Flat or %)
  • Crit Rate (%)
  • Crit DMG (%)
  • AGI (%)

Note: Runes cannot get the same substat as the main stat. For example, a Fatal rune cannot get Crit Rate as its substat.


Runes can be enchanted up to +9 to increase the power of the rune's stat boost. Each successful upgrade will increase the stats by a set growth amount, but at +3 / +6 / +9, the growth for that upgrade will be randomized.

This randomized growth is signified by growth ranks: C, B, A, and S with S being the highest.


Ability Refine

Ability Refine allows a player to reroll the stats on all of the Rune's growth ranks using Rune Essence and 2,000 Gold. If the player rerolls growth ranks which give better stats than the current growth ranks, then the growth ranks are replaced. Otherwise, no changes occur.

Option Refine

5★ and 6★ + Grade Runes can have their bonus option refined into a different stat using Gold and Rune Beads, which are obtained as rare drops from Rune Temple. Rune Beads must match the star rank and grade of the rune in order to be used.


5★ and 6★ +9 Runes can be ranked up to higher grades by using 10 Runes of the same star rank and grade/rarity as the rune to be ranked up.

5★ Legend+ Runes can also be upgraded to a 6★ Epic Rune.

Discarding Runes


Runes can be dismantled to obtain Rune Essence which is used for Ability Refine. The amount of Rune Essence obtained is dependent on the star rank, grade, and enchant level of the Rune.


Runes can also be sold for Gold instead of dismantling for Rune Essence. The amount of Gold obtained is also dependent on the star rank, grade, and enchant level of the Rune.