Rune Temple

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Rune Temple is a Game Mode where players can grind for Rune materials such as Runes, Rune Pieces, and Beads.


There are five types of Rune Temple, which all correspond to the Rune type (eg. Assault Rune, Assault Rune Temple).

Each Rune Temple type has 12 floors with increasing difficulty and better rewards. Floors 1-9 have single type runes, while floors 10-12 have mixed type dual runes (eg. Assault/Rage Rune).


Floor Rune Star Rank Reward
1F 1★
2F 1★-2★
3F 2★-3★
4F 2★-4★
5F 2★-4★
6F 3★-5★
7F 3★-5★
8F 4★-6★
9F 4★-6★
10F 4★-6★ (Dual Runes Included)
11F 4★-6★ (Dual Runes Included)
12F 4★-6★ (Dual Runes Included)