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Rerolling is continuously creating accounts until a player is satisfied with the characters they acquire from free rolls at the beginning of the game.

The aim is to guarantee the account will have a solid start but is by no means required in order to start playing the game.

How to Reroll[edit]

Last updated: March 15, 2019. Methods below may no longer be applicable in the future.

Who to Reroll For[edit]

First thing to note, if there is a favorite character that you like or whose art you adore, then there's nothing wrong choosing that character as your target character. Otherwise, there are currently two methods to rerolling. One focuses on target 5★ characters while the other method takes longer and aims for the legendary Octo characters.

Method 1[edit]

  • Estimated time: 3 minutes

Target Characters:

  • Seir
  • 1 other highly rated character, preferably an offensive character
    • eg. Siegmund / Foxy

Method one involves rerolling only for regular 5★ characters using the given free 5★ character tickets as well as the given 10 scrolls.

Method 2[edit]

  • Estimated time: 25-30 minutes

Target Characters:

  • Any of the Octo characters
    • Lucius (Very tanky tank), Valze (DPS Attacker), and Levia (DPS Magician) are often recommended over Asmode due to Asmode being a support.

The second method is rerolling for 5★ characters as well as the legendary Octo characters who are currently some of the strongest characters of the game.

This method requires you to progress through the story up to the end of Chapter 2, and acquire enough Diamonds to purchase the Legend Scroll package (700 Diamonds), and attempt to roll an Octo.

Not only does this take longer than method 1, but the chances of acquiring an Octo are also very low (0.2%).

Deleting Account[edit]

If the characters recruited aren't the desired characters, the account can simply be deleted by:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the Cog in the top-right corner to go to Settings.
  2. Select "Reset Data", enter the code it asks and Delete.
  3. Wait for game to load again, and that's all that's required. Go through the prologue again.