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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Recruiting mercenaries is the main method of building a team in Brave Nine. You can recruit mercenaries with scrolls, diamonds, Friendship Badges, Ancient Coins or Mileage.

With each recruiting method, you can check the recruiting probabilities by tapping the Detailed View link above the banner.

Chance-up[edit | edit source]

Chance-up recruiting changes every so often and as new mercenaries are introduced. Each banner features two 5-star mercenaries and three 4-star mercenaries.

It costs 600 diamonds to recruit 11 mercenaries from a chance-up banner and you will also receive 100 Mileage. If you recruit from the same banner within 15 minutes, you can recruit 10 mercenaries for 540 diamonds and you will receive 90 Mileage. This discount chain can be repeated as long as you have diamonds.

You can also spend 60 diamonds to recruit 1 mercenary and receive 10 Mileage.

Premium Scrolls can also be used to recruit from Chance-up banners. You can spend 10 premium scrolls to recruit 10 mercenaries at a time, or spend 1 premium scroll to recruit 1 mercenary.

You are given 1 free recruit per day to use on any current chance-up banner.

The probabilities currently listed for chance-up banners are as follows:

★5 Chance-up Line: 1% ★4 Chance-up Line: 5.03% Other ★5: 0.2% Other ★4: 2.8% Any ★3: 90.97%

Legend[edit | edit source]

Legendary Mercenaries (Six Devils or Dominus Octos) can be recruited from the Legend recruitment tab.

Legendary recruitment costs more diamonds than chance-up banners but gives you the chance to recruit extremely powerful units. You can use 900 diamonds or 10 Legendary Scrolls to recruit 10 mercenaries.

Alternatively, you can use 1500 Ancient Coins to recruit a specific mercenary from the Six Devils or the Dominus Octos. The mercenaries available through this method are: Seto, Beliath, Mamonir, and Velfern from the Dominus Octos and Refithea, Angelica, Alec, Granhildr, and Nartas from the Six Devils.

Four of the Dominus Octos are not available through Ancient Coins and must be recruited through Legendary Recruitment, these are: Lucius, Levia, Valzé, and Asmode.

The probabilities currently listed for legendary recruitment are as follows:

★5 Dominus Octo (Lucius, Levia, Valzé, or Asmode): 0.2% Other ★5: 2.04% Any ★4: 13.01% Any ★3: 84.75%

Mileage[edit | edit source]

You can spend Mileage in a variety of ways to recruit mercenaries.

It costs 4000 Mileage for one ★5 mercenary selection ticket (limited to four per month) or 1000 Mileage for a ★4 mercenary selection ticket (also limited to four per month).

You can spend 4000 Mileage for a chance at recruiting Edin. With this option, you have a 10% chance to recruit Edin and a 90% chance to recruit a random ★5 mercenary. This is the only way to recruit Edin.

Similarly, you can spend 1000 milage for a chance to recruit Dominique, Ors, or Ino. With this option, you have a 3.33% chance to recruit each of these mercenaries, and a 90% chance to recruit a random ★4 mercenary.

Lastly, you can spend 100 Mileage for a chance to recruit Asera or Naja. Here, you have a 5% chance to recruit each of these mercenaries, and a 90% chance to recruit a random ★3 mercenary.

Friendship[edit | edit source]

You can spend Friendship Badges to recruit ★1-★4 star mercenaries as well. It costs 450 badges to recruit a random ★3-★4 (gold star) mercenary, 100 badges to recruit a ★2-★4 mercenary (gold or silver star), 100 badges to recruit 10 ★1-3 star (silver) mercenaries, and 10 badges to recruit one ★1-3 star (silver) mercenary.

Class[edit | edit source]

Class scrolls are used to recruit ★3-★5 mercenaries of their respective types.

The probabilities for recruiting using class scrolls are as follows: ★5: 1% ★4: 5% ★3: 94%

Normal[edit | edit source]

Normal scrolls are used to recruit ★1-★3 silver star mercenaries (but you might occasionally receive a gold star mercenary) You can recruit 10 mercenaries with 10 Normal Scrolls or 1 mercenary with 1 Normal Scroll.