Mystic Island

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Mystic Island is where players can deploy Mercenaries to collect Mystic Dusts every 10 hours. Players can also pillage other players while collecting Mystic Dust. A player can choose to return a team early from collecting for 50% of the collected rewards.

Mystic Island is split into 5 different areas with each rewarding a varying amount of Mystic Dust as well as an extra resource. The areas are as follows:

Area Minimum Amount of Mystic Dust Maximum Amount of Mystic Dust Extra Resource
Mystic Mine 30 185 Diamonds
Mystic Golden Valley 30 222 Gold
Mystic Forest 30 278 Slimes
Mystic Ruins 30 555 Rune Pieces
Mystic Crystal Cave 30 925 Crystals

Opponents are matched based on a player's arena rank from the previous week. When pillaging another player, the defending team will always go first.

Battles can be rewatched from the "Battle Record" for up to 24 hours where players can view attackers as well as take revenge on those who made a successful pillage.

Trading Post[edit | edit source]

Mystic Dust can be used to purchase items from the Trading Post. These items are refreshed daily, or can be refreshed earlier using 30 Diamonds with the exclusion of the 5★ Skill Book.

The possible items are as follows:

Item Cost
Rank-up Star / Slimes / Scrolls Varies
Random 3★ Mercenary Pieces Varies
Random 4★ Rune Pieces Varies
Random Amount of Horseshoes Varies
Random 4★ Mercenary Pieces Varies
Random 5★ Rune Pieces Varies
5★ Skill Book (1/Month) 75,000
5★ Skill Book Piece x10 1,500