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Missions are tasks given to the player to complete (eg. Participate in Arena 1 time). There are three types of missions: Daily, Achievement, and Day Missions.

Daily Missions[edit]

These are missions which can be completed daily and are reset at 00:00 JST.

Achievement Missions[edit]

These are missions which can be completed once. These missions also give Achievement Points which are displayed on a player's profile for others to see.

Day Missions[edit]

Each day of the week has a different set of Day missions for players to complete, usually focusing on a different Game Mode each day. Rewards and bonus effects are granted related to the Game Mode of the day. The schedule is as follows (based on JST):

Day Mission Schedule and Bonus Effects / Rewards
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Day of the Arena Day of the Novice Arena Day of the World Bosses Day of Co-op Raid Day of the Mystic Island Day of Campaign Day of the Rune Temple
  • Bonus Merc Exp gain +100%
  • Clear the Campaign 30 times: 3★ Rank-up Star x4