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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Bouquet
Rarity 4
Voice Actor Amane Shindou
Release Date January 9, 2020


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 19 years old
Height 5'2½
Description A free knight, or freelancer, whose dream is to become a singing and roaming 'sing-a-song knight'. She prides in herself being half an inch taller than Iris. She started her adventures wanting to spread her name throughout the continent. However, she is a nameless apostle for a nameless god. It is her duty to protect Iris, the incarnation of the nameless. She is talented in swordsmanship, but she wants to succeed in singing. She believes she won't be able to pull this off alone, so she thinks she needs to form a group. She thinks that being chosen by the nameless god is her another chance. She wants to stop being a 'no name' and become a famous singer. Her goal is to form a first 5-singer group in the continent. Behind this plan, however, she has other scarier thoughts of turning them all into apostles of the nameless god. In order to receive more flower gifts from her fans after a concert, she needs to spread the word of the nameless god. When the nameless god finds their names, her dream will come true. She is good with instruments, making her Iris's guardian as well as an accompanist.
  • Being unknown is hard. The god is having a hard time and so are we."
  • "Iris, perhaps we should find more singers to join us?"
  • "When will we be able to stand in front of the Imperial Theater in the capital city? Will that day ever come?"