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General Information
Type Defender
Rarity 4
Awakened Name Monk Martius
Obtain Recruit: Premium, Class, Friendship, Legend, Mileage
Voice Actor Minoru Shiraishi
Release Date March 7, 2019

Stats[edit source]

The following are stats awakened at max rarity and max level.
Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 831 Crit Rate 10%
HP 4553 Crit DMG 50%
DEF 10% AGI 15%

Skill[edit source]

Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect

Recommended Runes[edit source]

Assault Rune 6 Icon.pngRage Rune 6 Icon.png

Martius' first skill lets him be a formidable attacker, so if you want him to do more damage, equip offensive runes.

Vital Rune 6 Icon.pngShield Rune 6 Icon.png

Or, if you want him to take advantage of the barrier skill, boost his HP and DEF to let him live longer.

Soul Gear[edit source]

Weapon Armor Amulet
Martius Weapon.png Martius Armor.png Martius Amulet.png

Set Effect[edit source]

Icon Name Type Description Bubbles Mercenaries
- - - - - -


Character Story Information
Gender Male
Age 35 years old
Height 6'2"
Description The league which Martius used to belong always emphasized that a monk should never go near to the real world. However, Martius refused this lesson and decided to run away from it. He has a very righteous personality so he never turns his back to the people who need other's help. He always jumps into a dangerous situation to rescue people and say a lot of good things to them, but time to time he makes a stupid mistake in an important situation and make others laugh.
  • "It is my duty to help others who need sincere help!"
  • "Confess your sin."
  • "Don’t worry about it! I will take the lead!"