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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Rarity 3
Voice Actor Rina Honnizumi
Release Date January 9, 2020


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 21 years old
Height 5'3"
Description The white magician, Snow-white caster, top of her class 3 years in a row as well as graduating Imperial Magic College as a top student. In short, she's a genius. Everyone around her thinks very highly of her. Many guilds and countries are trying to hire her. However, she is always thinking of one of her Imperial Magic College classmates who dropped out, Maria. She was the only one who realized that while Maria's magics were formed in an outlandish ways, it was often stronger than her own. She kept the snake-shaped bracelet that Maria had gifted her even though she hates snakes. She always speaks to Maria very bluntly, but she recognizes Maria's skills more than anyone else. She wants to be better than Maria. She is the same age as Maria and coincidentally, they have the same height as well. She secretly drinks a lot of milk to outgrow Maria. She thinks her cousin Lorang is foolish for trying and failing to woo Maria.
  • "You look down on Maria with such skills? Pathetic. Don't ever call such a thing magic!"
  • "Maria! Maria! Maria! It's not over yet!"
  • "Lorang! Get lost! This is between me and Maria! I will finish this once and for all, here and now! Maria!"