Illusion Magic

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Name Round Target Description Character with Skill
Illusion Magic
Silences and Blinds enemies. No results

Total Skill Upgrade Chart[edit source]

Effect Type Icon.png
Skill Type
One skill consists of various sub-skill types. Same skill types are activated with common rules and different skill types are activated with separate rules.
Applied Turn Icon.png
Skill Application Turn
Skill application turn can vary, based on the skill and different situations.
Duration Time Icon.png
Skill Duration
How long a skill lasts. There are skills which can minimize or reset the skill duration and skills which cannot be reset.
Effect Target Icon.png
Target / Applied Mercenary
The target of the skill (eg. One's self, allies, enemies, etc.)
New / Upgraded Skills Click icons for details
Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect
+0 44px
Effect Blind.png

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Effect Silence.png

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