Guild War

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Guild Wars are battles where guilds are matched against each other to accumulate battle points. Battle points are used to rank guilds each season for rewards and lasts 2 weeks before resetting.

Guild Wars alternate between Preparation Days and War Days.

Preparation Days

On preparation days, guild leaders can apply for Guild Wars and players can change their defense formation that the other guild will be facing against.

There are three different modes to apply for depending on how many members the guild wants to participate as defenders in the War (eg. 20v20, 10v10, etc.)

Guild leaders can also select which players to bring as defenders into the War.

War Days

During War days, guilds are given a limited amount of attacks (3x the # of Defenders). Each member of the guild, regardless if they are a defender, can attack up to three times.

Upon entering Guild War, players are shown a map of castles with allies on one side and enemies on the other. From the map, players can select a castle, view the defender's formation, and enter to attack the castle if desired.

Upon entering, a player can modify their formation before attacking. However, unlike other modes, enemy attack order is not shown in Guild War. Additionally, the enemy team will always attack first. If entering on accident, or not comfortable with the enemy, it is possible to leave without penalty before attacking.

Castles will be numbered based on the strength of that defender's team, with highly ranked castles giving more points. Attacking will reward guild EXP and a certain number of battle points depending on the conditions met. The conditions are:

  • Successfully defeating the enemy team.
  • Defeating the enemy team with 3 or less ally KOs.
  • Defeating the enemy team within 50 turns.

No points will be rewarded if a player fails to defeat the enemy.

Guild War Tips

  • While defeating highly ranked enemies for maximum points is tempting, keep in mind that defeating a lower ranked enemy while fulfilling all three conditions can be worth more than defeating the #1 castle with only 1 or 2 conditions fulfilled.
  • Refresh before attacking. The points before attacking are not updated in realtime, so if another guild member attacked and destroyed a castle before you attacked, your attack may end up worth zero points.
  • If in an organized enough guild, if you are the first to attack an enemy, share that enemy's turn order. This may help other guild members who have not attacked yet to effectively counter and maximize their attack points.


Battle Reward

These rewards are given depending on the result of a War Day and are given to every member of the guild regardless of participation.

Result Reward
Victory Honor Points x700, Premium Scroll x1
Defeat Honor Points x300, Normal Scroll x10
Tie Honor Points x500, Normal Scroll x15

Season Guild Rank Reward

These rewards are given depending on a guild's rank at the end of a season. A guild member must have joined their guild 4 days before the end of the season in order to receive the Season reward.

Rank Diamonds Ancient Coins
1 800 100
2 700 90
3 600 85
4-10 550 80
11-20 460 75
21-50 460 70
51-100 400 60
101-200 340 55
201-500 310 50
501-1,000 280 40
1,001-1,500 220 35
1,501-2,000 190 30
2,001-3,000 160 25
3,001-5,000 130 20
5,001 or below 100 15