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The following is a list of guides on the Wiki as well as external guides and resources.

Rerolling Guides[edit]

Link Author Format
Jump Quest guideline Discord: Tachibana#1235 YouTube Video
Easy Reroll Guide Discord: Tachibana#1235 YouTube Video
What Units Should I Reroll For? Discord: Tachibana#1235 YouTube Video

Beginner Guides[edit]

Link Author Format
Beginner's Guide to Brown Dust Discord: Azeew#8739
Reddit: /u/Azeew
OneDrive Doc

Character Guides[edit]

Link Author Format
Notable 3* and 4* Discord: Zeln#3696 Google Doc
Reroll Guide + Tier list Discord: Azeew#8739
Reddit: /u/Azeew
YouTube Video
In-depth Character Analysis Discord : Potion##2074
Reddit: u/Potion1
Reddit Posts

Content Guides[edit]

Link Author Format
Arena Formations Discord: Baloo (Jinwooooo Blog)#3360 Blog Post
Small Arena Guide for New Players Discord: Zeln#3696 Google Doc

Mechanic Guides[edit]

Link Author Format
Mercenary Fusion Guide Discord: M4A1#8996 Image
Small Guide on Soul Gears Discord: Ayryvyl#7455 OneDrive Doc
Understanding Attack Priority Discord: Baloo (Jinwooooo Blog)#3360 Blog Post
Immunity, Prohibition, and Purification Interaction Discord: Baloo (Jinwooooo Blog)#3360 Blog Post


Link Author Format
Effective HP Calculator Discord: Goodiebox#3572 Google Spreadsheet
Full Stat Calculator Discord: Goodiebox#3572 Google Spreadsheet
Patan Damage Calculator Discord: Baloo (Jinwooooo Blog)#3360 Google Spreadsheet
Brown Dust Monthly Resources Spreadsheet Discord: Guilty#6827 OneDrive Spreadsheet

Misc resources[edit]

Link Description
Browndust Share Formation sharing
Browndust Encyclopedia Official Encyclopedia
Seir's blog Guides & Updates