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World Boss
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The road stretching out nearby the forest has always been the key transportation route connecting major trade cities. However, big swamplands started engulfing the area near the roads. The master of swamplands was Gorgona. The giant monster with the upper body of a woman, lower body of a snake, and her hair consisted of countless snakes had awakened, somehow breaking the seal. According to the legends, Gorgona was once a beautiful Fairy, but she turned into her current state due to a curse. Due to her frightening appearance, people who gaze upon her are petrified by fear. Her skin is hardened with magic, making her immune to swords, spears, and any other forms of attacks. Due to her causing severe loss to the Merchant groups whenever she appeared, they decided to hire Mercenaries for protection.

Stats[edit source]

Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 5000 Crit Rate 0%
HP - Crit DMG %
DEF 75% AGI 100%

Skill[edit source]

Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect



  • Make use of Albion, merc who can give AGI boosts
  • Other mercs who are not buffed by Albion should have AGI near 100% and DEF around 35% in order to survive
  • When the battle finishes, everyone's HP should be healed by the supporter
  • Make use of set effects for Barbara + Kaoli + Ceres and Refithea + Granhildr + Celia


Recommended Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Skill level shown below are the minimum skill level for the desired skill of each mercenary. Effect may increase as skill level is higher.

Mercenary Skill Level Skill Skill Information
Barbara +0 - - (Kaoli set effects)
Kaoli +12 ADV PERM Healing Power MAX HP every turn x 6% Healing
Incoming DMG x 20% Instant Healing
+12 ADV DMG Reflection Incoming DMG x 50% Reflection for 12 turns
Crit Rate +65% for 12 turns
Lulu +15 ATK Reduction Enemy's ATK -200% for 18 turns
+15 DEF Reduction Enemy's DEF -100% for 18 turns
+15 ADV First Aid Bestowal Support x 20% Reduced Incoming Damage for 16 turns
+15 Healing DMG by normal attack x 50% Instant Healing
+15 ADV Regeneration Bestowal Allies' MAX HP x 10% Healing every turn for 5 turns
Allies' MAX HP x 50% Instant Healing
Sabrina +9 Captain's Encouragement Support x 40% Reduced Incoming DMG for 8 turns
Allies' MAX HP x 7% Healing every turn for 8 turn
Allies' MAX HP x 80% Instant Healing
+9 Crit Rate Boost Bestowal Support x 25% Boosts Crit Rate for 8 turns
+9 AGI Boost Bestowal Support x 30% Boosts AGI for 8 turns
Refithea +15 Healing MAX HP x 24% Instant Healing
+15 Barrier Bestowal Support x 36% Reduced Incoming DMG for 24 turns
Granhildr +15 Healing MAX HP x 50% Instant Healing
+15 ADV PERM Healing Power MAX HP every turn x 12% Healing
Incoming DMG x 65% Instant Healing
Celia +0 - - (Granhildr set effects)
Albion +15 Super AGI Boost Bestowal Support x 60% Boosts AGI for 12 turns
Support x 30% Reduced Incoming DMG for 12 turns
Reduced DMG due to Grazed effect = Basic Reduced DMG (35%) + 40% for 12 turns
+15 ADV Taunt Bestowal Support x 30% Reduced Incoming DMG for 12 turns
Sabrina +10 ADV Incoming DMG Boost Incoming DMG +125% for 18 turns
Benshina +0 - (only for the HP)
Ceres +0 - (Kaoli set effects)
Grosa +10 ADV Regeneration MAX HP every turn x 8% Healing for 5 turns
MAX HP x 18% Instant Healing for 5 turns
Cecilia +14 Regeneration Barrier Incoming DMG - 60% for 60 turns
MAX HP every turn x 6% Healing for 60 turns
Glacia +15 ADV Ice Barrier Incoming DMG -60% for 100 turns
Veronia +15 ADV Debuff Immunity Bestowal Support x 35% Reduced Incoming DMG for 16 turns
+15 ADV Regeneration Barrier Incoming DMG -65% for 65 turns
MAX HP every turn x 24% Healing for 65 turns