Fate system

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Each companion has their own favourite gifts. Players can use these gifts to earn their affinity. Once the affinity reaches the maximum number, they will receive that companion.

Fate system does not available for 3* mercenaries' companions.

Mercenary Max Affinity
Legend 500
5* Mercenary 500
4* Mercenary 300

Gift Exchange[edit]

Players can exchange leftover gifts to another gifts with 3:1 ratio. Also, players cannot receive gifts for the companions that they have already obtained through Fate system. 5* gifts can be exchanged into another 5* gifts. The same rule apply for 4* gifts.

Dismantle System[edit]

Player need to have a Grade V companion in order to dismantle the remaining duplicates of the companions.

Companion Rewards
Legend Not available
5* 10 Ancient Coins
4* Random gifts for 5* companions
3* Random gifts for 4* companions

Where to Obtain Gifts[edit]

Mercenary Location Contents Costs Limit
Legend Honor Shop 50 5000 Honor Points 10/month
5* Mercenary Daily Mission 20 Finished 10 daily missions 1/day
Guild Shop 50 1000 Guild Badges 1/week
4* Mercenary Mystic Island Trading Post 45 5600 Mystic Dusts 1/day