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The Fate system can be accessed by going to Growth->Fate and allows players to gift items to Companions, increasing their Affinity. Once their Affinity reaches 100%, players will receive a copy of that Companion.

Each Companion in the Fate system can be obtained once.

Gifts[edit | edit source]

To give a gift to a companion, tap the Gift from the Fate screen. Hold down the gift to send multiple gifts quickly.

List of Companions and Gifts[edit | edit source]

Companion Gift
Aisha Canned Mason Black Tea
Amelia Lily of the Valley
Andrew Headache Medicine
Ariel Thank-you Letter
Bellitair Riasir Night Ball Ticket
Betty Earl Grey Black Tea
Catsy Cat Feed Sack
Chloe Nails
Ciene Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Cleta Beef Skewer
Crohina Bullet
Davidson Ironstone
Dayan Black Ring
Dolorein Bunny Ears Headband
Elysis Reversed Crimson Cross
Granadair Karian's Special Jelly
Iserna Strawberry Cream Cake
Kallea Milk
Kayan Durable Twine
Maedeah Rod Polish
Melodia Bouquet
Michelle Ancient Documents
Nephir Small Snowman
Prywen Processed Magic Stone
Psyona Fishnet stockings
Quatina Smokey Rose
Rachael Premium Comb
Ranga Meaty Bone
Rasha Teddy Bear
Samay Fortune Cookie
Sharma Small Dice
Shiela Ghenar's Special Candy
Shizu Attendance Book
Shuna Cloth
Soei Steel String
Taki Beef Jerky
Vanessa Old Storybook
Veena Trinket
Veldora Chinese Chess Board
Yera Premium Whetstone
Yevna Syringe