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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Reversed Crimson Cross
Rarity 5
Voice Actor Kiyono Yasuno
Release Date October 31, 2019


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown years old
Height 5'4"
Description Guardians of the evil sword must surrender many things. Friends, family, even their own names. Only when a pure body consumes strong will and solid creed to follow god can a strong warrior be born. Angelica, too, let go of all the powerless past of hers as she accepted a new name from the Order. Poor orphan named Elysis doesn't exist in the world any more. However, the past which Angelica had abandoned was affected by the strong curse of the evil sword and thus became corrupted, wandering from places to places in a body formulated by dark power. Waiting for the right moment to completely corrupt Angelica as well...
  • "Accept the corruption, Angelica. It will give you limitless power."
  • "Duties? Responsibilities? With those in mind, you are not getting anywhere."
  • "I am the weakness that you've left behind. Here. Accept me."