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World Boss
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During the times when the humans and gods still communicated with each other, this giant bronze colossus, Dagdarone, was created to mine mana. Dagdarone's purpose was to condense mana within itself in an area where there were plenty of mana and supply it to the humans. However, due to many changes, when the mana levels of the area decreased, it was abandoned along with the ruins. However, Dagdarone has not stopped mining for mana even after being abandoned and continued to condense mana within itself. After a long time has passed, the condensed mana within Dagdaron overwhelmed it. Although it only caused damage to the nearby ruins, Rian's Faculty of Magical Engineering put a bounty on Dagdarone to bring in Mercenaries in order to learn ancient magical engineering knowledge from it.

Stats[edit source]

Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 100 Crit Rate 0%
HP 1M Crit DMG %
DEF 0% AGI 0%

Skill[edit source]

Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect



  • Dagdarone will not take any damage while it is in invincible mode. The invincible mode lasts for 18 times, means after taking 18 normal attacks, Dagdarone will receive damage. Make use of mercs with multi-attacks.
    Mercenaries: Christina, Dr. Morgan, BDM N-0524, Niya, Foxy, Naja
  • Dagdanore will counter every attack during the invincible mode. Make use of supporter(s) to protect the mercs.
    Mercenaries: Refithea, Lulu, Sabrina
  • Once the invincible mode is gone, debuff is also working on it. Make use of incoming damage boosts.
    Mercenaries: Aie, Lyudmila, Zarka, Celia, Orienne, Catherine, Esther, Alicia


Recommended Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Skill level shown below are the minimum skill level for the desired skill of each mercenary. Effect may increase as skill level is higher.

Mercenary Skill Level Skill Skill Information
Christina +0 Quintuple Attack Attacks 5 times
Naja +0 Double Attack Attacks 2 times
Lulu +15 ATK Reduction Enemy's ATK -200% for 18 turns
+15 DEF Reduction Enemy's DEF -100% for 18 turns
+15 ADV First Aid Bestowal Support x 20% Reduced Incoming Damage for 16 turns
+15 Healing DMG by normal attack x 50% Instant Healing
+15 ADV Regeneration Bestowal Allies' MAX HP x 10% Healing every turn for 5 turns
Allies' MAX HP x 50% Instant Healing
Sabrina +9 Captain's Encouragement Support x 40% Reduced Incoming DMG for 8 turns
Allies' MAX HP x 7% Healing every turn for 8 turn
Allies' MAX HP x 80% Instant Healing
+9 Crit Rate Boost Bestowal Support x 25% Boosts Crit Rate for 8 turns
+9 AGI Boost Bestowal Support x 30% Boosts AGI for 8 turns
Aie +10 Monkey Morph Incoming DMG + 300% for 18 turns
Alicia +14 ADV Healing Prohibition Incoming DMG +65% for 24 turns
Lyudmila +8 ADV Stun Incoming DMG +300% for 12 turns
Zarka +10 ADV Incoming DMG Boost Incoming DMG +145% for 18 turns
+10 Poison ATK every turn x 18% Poison DMG for 6 turns
Orienne +10 ADV Incoming DMG Boost Incoming DMG +125% for 18 turns
Catherine +15 ADV Overload Strike Current HP x 60% Additional DMG
+15 ADV Incoming DMG Boost Incoming DMG +10% for 12 turns
+15 ADV Burn Max HP every turn x 30% Burn DMG for 6 turns
Incoming DMG +10% for 6 turns
Esther +14 Bleeding ATK every turn x 36% Bleeding DMG for 6 turns
+14 ADV Incoming DMG Boost Incoming DMG +100% for 24 turns
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