Crystal Cave

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Crystal Cave is the Game Mode which rewards crystals upon completion, which are used to awaken mercenaries.


Crystal Cave is split based on class type (eg. Warrior, Magician, etc.) and affects not only which day of the week it appears on, but also what class types can be taken in to challenge the Crystal Cave of that day. Additionally, each cave type is split into 5 different stages with increasing difficulty and rewards.

The schedule is as follows (based on JST):

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Chaos (All Available) Magician Warrior Defender Magician Warrior Defender

The restrictions for each Cave class type are:

Class Type Cave Restriction
Magician Warrior / Supporter Only
Warrior Defender / Supporter Only
Defender Magician / Supporter Only


Stage Reward
Stage 1 Low Defender Crystals
Stage 2 Low/Medium Defender Crystals
Stage 3 Medium Defender Crystals
Stage 4 Medium/High Defender Crystals
Stage 5 High Defender Crystals