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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Bullet
Rarity 5
Voice Actor Ryoka Yuzuki
Release Date February 6, 2020


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 26 years old
Height 5'6
Description Superior officer to the ace sniper Lyudmila as well as Rian's Task Force instructor. Rian was always more advanced in engineering than magic. They needed a new way to attack magicians and monsters from a distance. The group formed for this sole purpose is the Rian's Long-Range Scout Force, also known as the Rian's Task Force 'Black Rose'. The previous commander of the Rian Republic's Long-range Scouts 'Black Rose'. She recognized the Lyudmila's talent, a girl from Twilight Order. She took Lyudmila under her and strictly trained her. The bullet that was lodged in Lyudmila's head was put there by Crohina herself. Sometimes, she's puzzled at how well and closely Lyudmila follows her around when she almost killed her.She trained Lyudmila and is sometimes unsure of what to do about her crazed nature. She is considering putting Lyudmila as the commander of the next generation of Black Rose, but it's not easy since Lyudmila is quite uncontrollable.She always argue that bigger is not always better. "But it gets in the way when sniping! And thus her concerns continue.
  • "Ugh, Lyudmil.. You... Again..."
  • "You're the one causing trouble, and I'm the one writing reports explaining and apologizing, doesn't this seem odd to you?"
  • "Sigh, if only it was a little smaller, it would have been much more comfortable. It always gets in the way when taking aim"