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How to Enter

Just like the Guild Wars, you can enter Conquest by going to the Match menu.

How to Apply (Guild Master)

There are two modes for the Conquest, 10-participant mode and 20-participant mode. ※ Only the guild members who have set their ‘Conquest Formation' can be selected as participants.

Appoint Commander

During an attack, the attacking team will always go first.

Guild Leader and Deputy Leaders can appoint from 1 to 3 Commanders.

There must be at least 1 Commander in order to apply for Conquest.

※ After being appointed a commander, you will be able to...

- Take actions during the commander battle period.

- Use the shared Conquer Chances

- Use Guild Members' Conquest formation to defend(Fortify a zone) or attack.

Set Formation

Just like the defense formation for Guild Wars, a formation must be set for Conquest Mode.

Unlike the Guild Wars, the formation set for Conquest can be used for both defense and offense.

You can view the formation Guild Members have set by going to 'View Formation'.

Conquest Mode Procedure

Similar to Guild Wars, Conqueset will follow the [Preparation] > [Apply] > [Matching] > [Battle] > [Result] Procedures.

A season of Conquest will last for 2 weeks consisting of 4 different Conquest Matches.

How to Play

Once the Conquest match starts, each of the 3 Guilds will be placed in one of the 3 corners of the map.

Each participants can use their 'Conquer Chances' to conquer selected zones.

However, in order to select a zone to conquer, it must be adjacent to another zone that is already conquered.

Conquer Chances will reset 3 times during the match. Unused conquer chances will not carry over after the reset.

※ Conquer Chances will reset at the start of Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 6.

※ Only Commander Conquer Chances will reset on Round 1 and Round 6.

- There are two types of Conquer Chances. Individual Conquer Chances and Commander Conquer Chances. Commander Conquer Chances are shared by all Commanders while the individual Conquer Chances are given to each individuals.

- Only the Commanders can conquer during Round 1 and Round 6. Everyone can conquer during Rounds 2 to 5.

- Conquer Chances will reset on Round 1, Round 2, and Round 6. Reset on Round 1 and 6 will provide 4 individual Conquer Chances to Commanders and 10 shared Commander Conquer Chances. Reset on Round 2 will provide 8 individual Conquer Chances to all participants and 10 shared Commander Conquer Chances.

- Guild Badges will be given when using Conquer Chances. Using an individual Conquer Chance grants 100 Guild Badges and using a Shared Conquer Chance grants 20.

- Using Conquer Chances to attack or remove shields will also grant the Guild Badges.

- When successfully conquering a zone, a shield will protect the zone for 30 minutes.


At the end of each round, the number of conquered zones will determine the amount of points your Guild receive.

The zone with vast amount of Magic Stones called the 'Magic Stone Shrines' cannot be directly conquered.

Once a guild conquers all 6 adjacent zones, the shrine will be automatically conquered.

Conquering a Magic Stone Shrine grants much higher points than conquering regular zones.

Conquest Points are rewarded as follows:

※ Points earned from current round = (Number of Conquered zones x 100) + (Number of Conquered Shrines x 1000)

Points accumulated this way will determine the final rankings for the participating guilds.

- A guild must have control over all 6 adjacent zones around the Magic Stone Shrine in order to conquer it. Having even one of the adjacent zones conquered by another guild will make it so that the Magic Stone Shrine is not conquered.

Conquest Information

Information about the on-going Conquest will be shown on the right side of the screen.

The information shown is as follows

※ Ranking / Guild Names / Number of Guild Members currently on the Conquest Screen / Number of conquered zones / Number of conquered shrines / Earned Conquest points

Current round's remaining time will be shown as a depleting gauge on the top side of the screen.

※ Current Round as well as information on whether it is a Commander Round or All-in round will also be shown.

Defense Formation

Commanders can fortify a zone by placing 1 defense formation on a conquered zone.

A fortified zone (zone that has a defense formation placed on it) can defend up to 3 times.

When the defense formation loses or defends against 3 attacks, the formation will be removed from the zone.

※ Battle logs will show up on a zone where a battle took place. Replays for those battles will be available as well.

A formation placed as a defense on a zone cannot be placed elsewhere until the next reset.

Reset for the defense formation will happen 3 times during the match.

※ Resets at the start of Round 1/ Round 2 / Round 6.

Attacking a Defense Formation

By using 1 Conquer Chance, you can use your formation to attack a fortified zone.

The defending formation will attack first in the battle.

If you are victorious, the defense formation will be removed from the zone and the zone will be instantly conquered by the attacker.

Upon pressing the 'Start Battle' button, the battle's result will show up without showing the battle.

You can view the battle details by going to replay.


During the first half of the Conquest (Round 1 - 3) there will be 'Fog' on the field.

This fog will only allow you to see zones that are conquered and the zones adjacent to them.

As the second half of the Conquest (Round 4 - 6) starts, the fog will disappear.


Warp will be activated on the second half of the Conquest (Round 4 - 6).

Warps cannot be conquered and anyone can attack or conquer the zones adjacent to them.


Commanders can place flags down on zones.

Up to 5 flags can be placed. This limit is shared by all of the commanders.

Flags can be freely placed and removed.


All zones will receive shields for 30 minutes upon conquering. In order to remove the shield, attacker will need to use 2 Conquer Chances.

(Shields will be removed regardless of whether the attack was successful or not)

Conquest Messenger

A messenger will be available for Conquest mode.

This is a shared chatting space for the 3 participating Guilds of the Conquest match.

The messenger will reset at the end of the Conquest match.


Conquest rewards consists of Season Rewards, Battle Rewards, and Participation Rewards.

Season Rewards will be given out at the end of each season. The rewards are the same as the Guild Wars ranking rewards.

Battle Rewards will be given out depending on the result of the Conquest Match.

Participation Rewards will be given out immediately as Guild Badges after using Conquer Chances.

※ When failed to match, Guild Members will receive 2nd place Battle Rewards. Guilds will receive Guild points depending on what Conquest Mode they applied for (10000 Guild Points for 10 vs 10 vs 10. 15000 Guild Points for 20 vs 20 vs 20.)

※ Legend Scrolls will be added to the Seasonal Rewards for Commanders.