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The Campaign Game Mode follows the story of the game.

There are currently various Campaigns available:

  • Part I: The Day of the Eclipse (50 Chapters)
  • Part II: The Dawn of a New Day (10 Chapters, Unlocks after Part I: Chapter 30)
  • Substory: The Hidden Day

Structure[edit | edit source]

Campaign is separated into several chapters with 10 stages each. Additionally, if a player completes all Normal stages of that chapter with a Perfect Win, this will unlock the chapter's Hard mode.

To achieve a Perfect Win, a player must achieve all the Star Conditions of that stage. These conditions are typically:

  1. Clear the Stage
  2. KO Limit
  3. Turn Limit

Rewards[edit | edit source]

All Campaign stages reward Captain/Mercenary EXP as well as Gold. Completion rewards can range from mercenary pieces, more Gold, slimes, and other items. Some Campaign stages can also drop Normal Scrolls to summon Silver star ranked mercenaries which can be used towards ranking up other mercenaries.

Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

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There are several quests which also require completing Campaign stages. The rewards for these can range from additional Captain EXP, Runes, as well as Mercenary Rank-Up Skill Books, so completing these quests is recommended.