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General Information
Type Defender
Rarity 4
Awakened Name Iron Heart Bellasier
Obtain Recruit: Premium, Class, Friendship, Legend, Mileage
Voice Actor Haruka Shiraishi
Release Date October 18, 2019

Stats[edit source]

The following are stats awakened at max rarity and max level.
Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 328 Crit Rate 10%
HP 5607 Crit DMG 50%
DEF 0% AGI 0%

Skill[edit source]

Skill: [[]]
Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect

Recommended Runes[edit source]

Shield Rune 6 Icon.pngShield Rune 6 Icon.png

Bellasier has low base HP, so vital runes aren't as efficient. Her stigma kills also further increases her DEF, thus going for double shield runes will dramatically lower the damage she receives.

Soul Gear[edit source]

Weapon Armor Amulet
Bellasier Weapon.png Bellasier Armor.png Bellasier Amulet.png

Set Effect[edit source]

Icon Name Type Description Bubbles Mercenaries
- - - - - -


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 133 years old
Height 5'5"
Description Bellasier was a daughter of a renowned marquess. However, she lost her parents during the war and the whole family fell. Her brother, Bellitair, was once a top demon prospect but became a libertine after getting injured in battles. Bellasier had no choice but to raise her family up again on her own. Yet Bellasier prefers her life right now as a fighter dashing through battlefields to her past where she was treated as a noble. She didn't like the fact that Seir, daughter of the duke family of the main force in the noble war, was given great power from the birth and made up her mind to become the greatest warrior ever.
  • "Shiela... the power of her is a must to raise up my family again. I'll own it!"
  • "That little coward is stronger than me just because she is a daughter of a duke family...."
  • "Hah, you call yourself my brother? You're just a shame to our family!"