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World Boss
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Rian's magical engineering fortress is gigantic, and is considered as the essence of advanced technology. This massive fortress, embodied in a new technology that absorbs nearby magic power and makes it the power of a steam engine, inflicts huge blow even with mere movement. Defensive power is also very high, and turns into a strong fortress that can defend against any powerful attack. However, with an unidentified breakdown, it began to destroy everything around it, denying all control.Realizing that it was almost impossible to stop because of its semi-permanent power source, Rian recruitred Mercenaries to destroy Arcstar by rewarding them.

Stats[edit source]

Stat Value Stat Value
ATK 6000 Crit Rate 0%
HP 10000 Crit DMG %
DEF 75% AGI 100%

Skill[edit source]

Skill: Plasma
Level Attack Range Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Awakened Effect


Arcstar's 3rd skill not only makes him immune to Damage over Time skills, but also reduces incoming damage by 150%. The strategy against Arcstar then is:

  • Using mercenaries with skills that inflict and stack Incoming DMG Boost / ADV Incoming DMG Boost debuffs to increase damage Arcstar takes.
    • Depending on the debuff duration, may need a mercenary such as Krull to extend the debuff duration.
  • Using a mercenary with a skill that ignores Arcstar's Incoming DMG Reduction such as Valze, Mamonir, and Eldora last.
  • Using supports to boost the above mercenary's damage.