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General Information
Mercenary Companion
Gift Canned Mason Black Tea
Rarity 5
Voice Actor Noriko Shitaya
Release Date January 9, 2020


Character Story Information
Gender Female
Age 32 years old
Height 5'5
Description Royal guard who acts as a secretary and personal maid to Glacia, who is to be the next queen. She brewed all the tea that the princess drinks. Nifflant Kingdom is the shield that protects the northernmost 'Final Temple'. When Glacia found the weaponry inherited through the Kingdom, Aisha was there with her. The set of icy weaponry made by the demi-god Eda. Glacia gave the frozen sword 'Glacial Spike' as a sign of oath saying, 'Be my sword that protects me as well as my kingdom'. Aisha was moved and took it. This weapon is not only strong but it also creates frozen wall that resembles icy thornbush, making it perfect for both offense and defense.\\nThe sword to protect the princess.\\nHer sword is cold, but her smile and the tea she brews are quite warm. It is rumored that she was interested in Glacia's tutor, Sir Eilnote.
  • "Princess, we have some great quality tea today. I will start brewing some right away."
  • "I am a sword working solely for Princess Glacia. Use me as you please!"
  • "Oh, don't worry. My icy spikes will take care of any potential harm to the princess."