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Description[edit | edit source]

Template used for skills.

Format[edit | edit source]

{{Skill level|attackRange=|me1=|se11=|se12=|se13=|me2=|se21=|se22=|se23=|me3=|se31=|se32=|se33=|awakened=|awakenedSE1=|awakenedSE2=|awakenedSE3=}}

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Skill Template Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Name - Name of skill
  • Round - 1R / 2R
  • Target - Front / Skip / Last
  • Description - Skill Description
  • Effects - Skill Levels

Skill level Template Parameters[edit | edit source]

Attack Range Icon[edit | edit source]

  • attackRange - This will determine the image used. The format should be:
    • [# of Tiles] [User Tile Location] [Shape of Tiles] [attack/support].png
    • 1-tile attacks are simply 1-tile attack.png or 1-tile support.png.

Attack Range Image Examples

  • 9-tile center square attack.png 9-tile center square attack.png
  • 5-tile right row support.png 5-tile right row support.png
  • 9-tile center cross attack.png 9-tile center cross attack.png
  • 3-tile left arrow attack.png 3-tile left arrow attack.png

Skill Effects[edit | edit source]

  • me1 / me2 / me3 / awakened - The effect detail IDs of the skill's main effects.
  • se11 / se12 / se13, etc. - The secondary effects of the skill's main effects. There may not be any secondary effects, so it's possible to just not include these.

The skill effect IDs can be found in SkillBasicListText_ENG.txt in the extracted data assets. You will also need to a skill reference such as the Book in-game or with Brown Dust's Encyclopedia. You will only need to look up the IDs for +0, and then you should be able to fill out the rest after.

To identify the IDs for the +0 skills:

  • Ctrl+F the skill name and/or mercenary
  • Look up the first effect description and match it with the ID in the file. For example, Cecilia's first skill effect description at +0 is: Reduces enemy's attacking range to 1 tile when targeted by an attacking enemy. This matches up with code 27740001.
  • If we look, this effect only changes at +12 and +15, so the other IDs we need are: 27741201 and 27741501.
  • Repeat this for the other two main skill effects, awakened effect, and any secondary effects.

Cecilia's Skill Levels as Example[edit | edit source]

{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740003|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740103|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740203|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740203|me3=27740305|se31=27740311|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740203|me3=27740405|se31=27740411|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740203|me3=27740505|se31=27740511|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740603|se21=27740604|me3=27740505|se31=27740511|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740703|se21=27740604|me3=27740505|se31=27740511|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740703|se21=27740604|me3=27740805|se31=27740811|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27740703|se21=27740604|me3=27740905|se31=27740811|se32=27740912|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27741003|se21=27740604|me3=27740905|se31=27740811|se32=27740912|awakened=27750007}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27740001|me2=27741003|se21=27740604|me3=27740905|se31=27740811|se32=27740912|awakened=27751107|awakenedSE1=27751111}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27741201|me2=27741003|se21=27740604|me3=27740905|se31=27740811|se32=27740912|awakened=27751107|awakenedSE1=27751111}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27741201|me2=27741003|se21=27740604|me3=27741305|se31=27741311|se32=27740912|awakened=27751107|awakenedSE1=27751111}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27741201|me2=27741403|se21=27740604|me3=27741305|se31=27741311|se32=27740912|awakened=27751107|awakenedSE1=27751111}}
{{Skill level|attackRange=1-tile attack.png|me1=27741501|me2=27741403|se21=27740604|me3=27741305|se31=27741311|se32=27740912|awakened=27751107|awakenedSE1=27751111}}
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