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Name   Siegmund
SpriteImage   Siegmund sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Siegmund illustration.png
Type   Warrior
Rarity   5
AwakenedName   Paladin Siegmund
Obtain   Recruit: Premium, Class, Legend, Mileage
VoiceActor   Wataru Urata
ReleaseDate   March 7, 2019
MaxAtk   1,218.0
MaxHp   5,245.0
MaxCritRate   10.0
MaxCritDmg   50.0
MaxDef   10.0
MaxAgi   0.0
Skill   Paladin's Will
Gender   Male
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   5'8"
Description   A paladin of the Arclight Order and he is Edin's twin brother. He's currently with the investigation group searching for the missing magic sword, Vanar. When they were young, Sigmund and Edin trained together to become paladins of the Arclight Order. Even though Edin was better at everything than Siegmund was, he became a paladin and his brother couldn't because of his cursed fate. Feeling guilty and responsible for his brother's corruption, he joined the investigation group to find him and persuade him into seeing the error of his ways.

"MercenaryRecommendedRunes" values

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Rune1   Assault
Rune2   Assault
Explanation   If your Siegmund is still low skilled (below +6), double assaults are recommended.
Rune1   Shield
Rune2   Shield
Explanation   Once he's +6 and above, switch to double shields, as his damage will scale better with DEF thanks to his 3rd skill.