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"Mercenaries" values

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Name   Mercedes
SpriteImage   Mercedes sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Mercedes illustration.png
Type   Defender
Rarity   3
AwakenedName   Mirroring Mercedes
Obtain   Recruit: Normal, Premium, Class, Friendship, Legend, Mileage Part I Campaign: [Normal] 28-10, [Hard] 28-10 Mystic Island: Trading Post
ReleaseDate   March 7, 2019
MaxAtk   674.0
MaxHp   4,043.0
MaxCritRate   10.0
MaxCritDmg   50.0
MaxDef   10.0
MaxAgi   0.0
Skill   Mirror Shield
Age   {{[age|}}}

"MercenaryRecommendedRunes" values

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Rune1   Vital
Rune2   Vital
Explanation   Mercedes has a taunt and reflect, so boost her HP pool to return the highest amount of damage when attacked, and hopefully let her survive the encounter.