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"Mercenaries" values

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Name   Lumen
SpriteImage   Lumen sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Lumen illustration.png
Type   Magician
Rarity   5
AwakenedName   Luminous Commander Lumen
Obtain   Recruit: Premium, Class, Legend, Mileage
VoiceActor   Hinata Tadokoro
ReleaseDate   May 16, 2019
MaxAtk   2,079.0
MaxHp   2,929.0
MaxCritRate   20.0
MaxCritDmg   35.0
MaxDef   0.0
MaxAgi   0.0
Skill   Luminous Spear
Gender   Male
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   6'1"
Description   The man who lead the Magical Knights under Vermont. Dwen, Arwen, and most of the Knights under Vermont were quite young. He was able to use his abundant experience to provide great help to others around him. He is wise and strict, but he will take on tough jobs for the greater good. He was able to understand Fabian on the day of the Eclipse before anyone else and he appealed to stop Vermont's execution. He roams the continent gathering information and performing political maneuvers for the future.

"MercenaryRecommendedRunes" values

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Rune1   Assault
Rune2   Fatal
Explanation   Lumen's additional damage scales with both ATK and Crit Chance, so equip him accordingly.