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"Mercenaries" values

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Name   Kiria
SpriteImage   Kiria sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Kiria illustration.png
Type   Warrior
Rarity   5
AwakenedName   Rolling Blade Kiria
Obtain   Recruit: Premium, Legend, 5 star selection
VoiceActor   Mikako Komatsu
ReleaseDate   November 28, 2019
MaxAtk   946.0
MaxHp   3,983.0
MaxCritRate   10.0
MaxCritDmg   50.0
MaxDef   0.0
MaxAgi   50.0
Skill   Wind Shuriken
Gender   Female
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   5'4"
Description   Protecting Empire's continent and the people, That was Kiria's sole mission as a patrol, As Kiria slained a noble who used to enslaved people from Allan and do bad things to them, Shewas deprived from the patrol unit because she apparently violated patrol's rule which stated "Patrol's only serve Empire". Kiria was in great despair when grand duke Richard found her. "Eliminating evil and protecting the country no matter what. That is justice." Kiria was obsessed and moved by Richard's words, which represented her true heart, and threw herself into the path of blood without any hesitation. As a shadow of grand duke, a new leader of 'Black scorpion' has now seen established.

"MercenaryRecommendedRunes" values

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Rune1   Rage
Rune2   Rage
Explanation   With Rage runes and good support (to boost crit rate), you can maximize the damage dealt by her decomposition