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Name   Eunice
SpriteImage   Eunice sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Eunice illustration.png
Type   Supporter
Rarity   3
AwakenedName   Alchemist Eunice
Obtain   Recruit: Normal, Premium, Class, Friendship, Legend, Mileage Mystic Island: Trading Post
VoiceActor   Akiho Suzumoto
ReleaseDate   March 7, 2019
MaxSupp   164.96
MaxHp   1,782.0
MaxCritRate   0.0
MaxCritDmg   0.0
MaxDef   0.0
MaxAgi   0.0
Skill   Vitality Potion
Gender   Female
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   5'3"
Description   An alchemist who sells potions in the shopping district near Allan. Older than she looks, she's actually older than the captain, and a talented alchemist. Her potions are so good that they always sell like hotcakes, and sometimes she creates incredibly powerful potions that make their buyers feel as if they're the luckiest people of the day. Friends with Roxanna, she appraises her magic tools and sometimes accompanies her to the black market.