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"Mercenaries" values

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Name   Edwin
SpriteImage   Edwin sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Edwin illustration.png
Type   Magician
Rarity   5
AwakenedName   Puppet Maker Edwin
Obtain   Recruit: Premium, Class, Legend, Mileage
VoiceActor   Masakazu Nishida
ReleaseDate   April 17, 2019
MaxAtk   785.0
MaxHp   5,065.0
MaxCritRate   20.0
MaxCritDmg   50.0
MaxDef   10.0
MaxAgi   35.0
Skill   Bloody Banquet
Gender   Male
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   6'1"
Description   A puppeteer who controls a ball-joint puppets. He is one of the high class Octos of the Twilight Order. He makes premium, elaborate puppets and makes them move. His goal is to obtain human souls. There are not many people who were able to keep themselves from being charmed by his puppets. In fact, numerous people sold their souls to his puppets.

"MercenaryRecommendedRunes" values

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Rune1   Shield
Rune2   Vital
Explanation   Edwin is a durable mage, capable of tanking excellently while turning the enemy team against themselves. As such, you want his upkeep to be as long as possible, with double shields or a mix of shield and vital.