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"Mercenaries" values

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Name   Alche
SpriteImage   Alche sprite.png
IllustrationImage   Alche illustration.png
Type   Warrior
Rarity   4
AwakenedName   Hammer Girl Alche
Obtain   Recruit: Premium, Class, Friendship, Legend, Mileage
VoiceActor   Rie Kugimiya
ReleaseDate   March 7, 2019
MaxAtk   707.0
MaxHp   3,035.0
MaxCritRate   20.0
MaxCritDmg   50.0
MaxDef   5.0
MaxAgi   5.0
Skill   Destructive Hammer
Gender   Female
Age   {{[age|}}}
Height   4'6" (137cm)
Description   Vermont's granddaughter who was born with inhuman strength. Vermont only taught her the basic sword techniques to help her control her power, but she loved the story of chivalry and heroism that he told her and wanted her own story. So she taught herself how to fuse her swordsmanship with her strength. She acts like other girls her age when she's with her grandfather, but becomes a ruthless warrioress in the face of enemies.

"Costumes" values

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MercenaryName   Alche
CostumeName   Baseball Player
Obtain   600 Diamonds
SpecialEffects   No
ReleaseDate   2019-03-07